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Welcome to our website, the home of Our Dutch based text bureau AYBS has been offering textual assistance to students, working  towards a bachelor or master thesis, since the 1st of April 2013. What keeps driving us is a double passion:

  1. Facilitating and empowering people to do what they do best.
  2. Optimizing communication by way of improving language and style usage in publications.

We are proud of the steady growth we have experienced in the first five years of AYBS. Meaningful service was offered to Dutch and international students. Many students for whom English or Dutch is not their first language were helped to be able to clearly communicate their research achievements according to academic requirements and they have graduated. As of the 1st of April 2018, AYBS expands its services to a worldwide reach under the name If you are a student working towards the completion of your studies, or a proud parent supporting your daughter or son, read more about our editing service for all academic papers on this page: Editing of BA and MA papers.

Are you being surfed?

AYBS-webcontent for businesses and organisations

The abbreviation AYBS in our registered name AYBS-webcontent stands for “Are you being surfed?”. It says something about our eagerness to serve, a core value. By using the word surfed instead of served we make the link to internet, where potential visitors of your website are surfing, browsing, searching. According to our philosophy, to be surfed or not to be surfed, that is the question, because if you or your company or organisation are not found on the internet in the 21st century, you don’t exist. AYBS helps businesses and organisations to be found by their target audience through strategically chosen search words and to bind them with catching and stylish web content.

Brouse around the website, take a look at pages like Writing and Editing or use the contact page for questions or to request an estimate of the costs (special student rate) for the effectuation of your project, be it study papers or website content.

Kind regards and at your service,

André (senior editor)

Are you being surfed in het Spaans of Portugees?

Naast het schrijven en redigeren van webteksten biedt AYBS-webcontent diverse diensten die in het verlengde daarvan liggen: teksten maken voor brochures, folders en zelfs een heel handboek aan werkinstructies heb ik geschreven. Ook een vakkundige vertaling van teksten hoort bij de service, in de volgende variaties:

  • Nederlands – Engels
  • Engels – Nederlands
  • Duits – Nederlands
  • Spaans – Nederlands

Vanaf oktober 2013 kan AYBS-webcontent door samenwerking met een ervaren vertaler, een native speaker van Spaans én Portugees, haar vertaaldiensten uitbreiden met:

  • Nederlands – Spaans
  • Spaans – Nederlands
  • Nederlands – Portugees
  • Portugees – Nederlands

We hanteren dezelfde tarieven als tot nu toe, dus € 35 per uur, ex. BTW.

Are you being surfed?
Are you being surfed?

Neem hier contact met ons op en we gaan direct met uw (web) tekst aan de slag.